You can count on United Shipping Services to get to know your company on a personal level → we will use our relationship-focused approach to address your pain points and create efficiencies that will allow your company and business to scale for long-term success. Learn more about the services we provide below and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering. Request a quote today!! We will assign your business to a broker who will study your operations to determine where USS is best suited to assist.


United Shipping Services

Introduction Shipping goods globally requires a reliable and efficient shipping company that can handle international 

 We offer a comprehensive range of shipping services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From ground shipping to air freight, warehousing to customs clearance, our solutions are designed to provide end-to-end logistics support. With our extensive network, advanced technology, and experienced team, we deliver customized shipping solutions that exceed expectations.



By maintaining relationships with a vast network of carriers, USS is able to unify what is typically a highly disjointed market, giving our customers access across all equipment types and shipment requirements. Our maximized truckload capacities create streamlined processes, giving our customers a wider reach and increased earning power. 


Less Than Truckload (LTL) bridges the gap between small parcel and full truckload. LTL is a viable mode whether your shipment is delivering to a business, a residence, or any other type of site, whether it has an unloading dock or not. LTL is optimized to handle palletized freight but can manage virtually any type of cargo that can fit on a trailer. LTL can offer fast transits including overnight service as well as scheduled appointments at delivery.

Our mission is to lead LTL shippers into a “Shipper of Choice” status. We will educate you on the importance of formulating clean data.  Once your data is accurate, the goal will be for us to have carriers accept your tenders with an invoice matching the quote.

 Our specialized LTL team will work with you to find the most efficient way to transport your goods, regardless of whether you have increased volume, seasonal demands, or special project needs.


Cargo Van, Sprinter Van, Straight Truck, Box Truck.  Work with our team of logistics professionals to determine which equipment type is best suited for your demand.  Choosing a Cargo or Sprinter Van, not only allows you to fit into tighter docks and move small and/or time-sensitive requests about the country but it is also an eco-friendlier solution. Cargo & Sprinter Vans consume less fuel and with some models having increased efficiency packages can emit similar CO2 as passenger cars. The ECO start/stop function on some of these models shut the engine down automatically when the van is stationary, if no gear is engaged, and the clutch pedal is not pressed.  In our opinion, it is very important to consider the environment and the air we breathe in everything we do.


By combining truckload and railway transport, our intermodal freight solutions will allow you to keep things running smoothly without wasting time or resources. Not to mention this is a greener approach at transportation. Intermodal trains can move one ton of freight 500 miles on a single gallon of gas → using less fuel and emitting less CO2 than trucks. At USS, we keep the environment, safety, time & money in-mind on every shipment we handle.


We take the time to learn your cross-border supply chain, then build capacity solutions with trusted providers to help execute it. Whether shipping northbound or southbound, USS leverages a dense North American carrier network to bring you capacity when and where you need it. We source the right carrier for each opportunity, facilitate the crossing logistics and monitor your freight throughout the process. In order to build the capacity solutions required to execute cross-border shipments, USS will do a deep dive to evaluate your supply chain and find the best way to leverage our vast national carrier network. 


Due to Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, carriers must work hard to optimize their routes and minimize their dwell. Drivers often waste hours at a scheduled stop without moving waiting for the freight to be loaded or unloaded. In some cases, this may take up to a few hours and is certainly not an efficient use of a drivers HOS. 

Our drop trailer program has different service levels. A “drop trailer” is when a carrier brings a tractor to a loading dock and picks up a previously loaded trailer. A “drop and hook” is a step beyond drop trailer. In this scenario, a carrier will arrive with an empty trailer to drop, pick up a loaded trailer, and continue to the destination. The ability for shippers to load trailers at their own pace results in a more streamline process across the board.  Also worth noting, drop trailer programs avoid drivers from having to sit idle in docks emitting CO2 while being loaded/unloaded.  This service has been proven to reduce your carbon footprint on common miles. 

Shippers and carriers alike are always seeking ways to reduce this wasted time and increase productivity, in the eco-friendliest fashion and one of the best ways to do so is our Drop Trailer Service.