About Us

United Shipping Services

At United Shipping Services, we understand that the value we provide our clients is only as strong as the value we place on our employees. We equip our teams with the resources, training, and professional development they need to excel in their careers long-term. Our employees are driven to succeed, and that is demonstrated in the level of service they provide. Our target customers and drivers come back to USS not because of our name or market share, but rather the sense of confidence and reassurance that their business is in the hands of a team they can trust and rely on.

We take the proper amount of time, money, and effort needed to hire and train the right people for each role. Following initial training, USS team members are asked to blaze their own trails. We ask that they work hard, become their own professional, and allow the core values of the company to guide them through each day. We like to think this approach works. Interested in experiencing it for yourself? Give us a call today.

Our Mission

The USS mission is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers and other partners best-in-class service with a personal touch.

Our mission is to simplify and optimize the shipping process for our clients, ensuring their goods reach their destinations safely, on time, and within budget. We strive to be a strategic partner, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.




Our Vision

Our vision is to give a happy ending for each transaction with client and to expand our business in any part of the world